"Sparkle and Shine in the Summer Heat"

Our Summer Jewelry Picks for 2015

Jewelry is one of the most versatile ways to express personal style, and Savannah's own unique personality is expressed in its array of accessory boutiques and upscale jewelers.

​Zia's designs are known for being both sleek and fierce. The accessory store's latest selection, Sticks and Stones, is made up of breathtaking body chains and cascading necklaces and earrings inspired by nature. This is evident in different pieces named after elements such as Falling Leaves, Waterfall, Luna, and more.

Inspired by L.A. and the West Coast, jeweled and stoned chokers have been particularly popular among customers at Villa. The stones are wrapped in silver or gold, and are a fun way to make a statement without being too fussy. Chokers made a name for themselves in the '90's, and we're happy to see them back in a much classier way.

We're seeing a lot of animal inspired jewelry this season, like at M. Liz Jewelry in collaboration with Mamie Ruth. All natural elements, like unpolished and uncut stones, are accented with metals that are 14K gold filled and sterling silver. For these particular collections, porcupine quills and beetle wings are used in their natural state and from exotic locations.