South’s Second Annual Greatest Bosses

Bradley Brigman WMA Architects and Bojangles Restaurants

"Each of my businesses is vastly different, yet they all share the
same basic principle of providing great service to customers and
the community. Having satisfied customers and members of the community means that I have done my job right, and this is the principle I try to uphold each and every day. What are some of the most important factors in a workplace ? Make sure that you and your employees enjoy spending time
 at work. How can you make architecture, fried chicken, or drug testing fun? It’s easy. All it takes is showing appreciation to your employees."

Carolyn Hannaford Chatham Academy

"I think individuals should find a purpose that they are willing to dedicate their life to. They must be willing to take risks. They should be confident in their knowledge of what is to be done, but always willing to admit when 
they’re wrong. Any advice for those who are already leaders in the community? In order to institute change, we have to quit giving lip service
to children’s issues and make children our number-one priority. Instead of always trying to fix what has gone wrong, we need to try to make it right from the start." 

Jill McAden Hilton Head Elementary

"I love children and have a heart
for teachers and the critical work they perform. “It takes a village to raise a child.” I believe this African proverb is true. I enjoy being an integral part of the village. What are some of the most important factors in a workplace? The atmosphere of the workplace must be positive and nurturing.
 A good leader has to take responsibility for the climate of the school. There also must be a high level of trust in the workplace." 

Jamie Durrence Daniel Reed Hospitality

"Do what you love. If you wish to be successful, you must be willing to work hard for that success. Most importantly develop positive, meaningful relationships with other people. Any advice for those who are already leaders in the community? Lead by example, lead with your heart."

Timothy Hall Beazer Homes

Timothy Hall is the new Director of National Architecture at Beazer Homes. He manages the corporate Planning and Design team in Atlanta, Georgia. Tim's enthusiasm and dependability inspires the Planning & Design department to work hard for him and Beazer Homes, but one of the best traits he has is inspiring everyone to work as a team.