South's Newest Kids Movie Reviewer, Reviews Toy Story 4

Lyla Clay, our newest kids movie reviewer, reviews Toy Story 4

South magazine reviews Toy Story 4 — and who better to write this piece than our latest addition to our team, Lyla Clay, our newest kids movie reviewer. Lyla is eight years old and entering 3rd grade; she has great plans to be a part-time astronaut, a writer and a global singing sensation. The photo was taken on her family's recent Make-A-Wish trip for her older sister Keren, who is currently fighting cancer. 



"When I first heard there would be a Toy Story 4 that made me want to watch Toy Story 1 through 3 again because my dad likes them a lot.  I got to go to a movie premiere of Toy Story 4 before the movie came out.   It was so fun, and I got to go with somebody very nice.  Toy Story 4 is a good movie and it has a lot of good things in it.  I know the characters names and some of the ones you might know are Woody (my favorite character), Little Bo Peep, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Ham, Rex, The Potato Heads and Bonnie from Toy Story 3. I don’t want to spoil the movie but there are some new characters, too, Gabby Gabby, Buttercup, Duckie, Bunny, and Duke Kaboom.  There was a bunch of toys there including a dummy doll that was a little bit scary.  I’m not going to tell you the rest.  Forky is new and he is one of the main characters.  He got made in preschool.  Bonnie made Forky at Kindergarten orientation because Woody got the stuff out of the trash and gave it to Bonnie so she could make Forky to help her get through the day and it worked! It was really cool how Woody gave her the stuff and Bonnie created Forky with that stuff.  Forky kept on wanting to go to the trash and not be a toy. Woody saved Forky because he loves Bonnie and Bonnie loves Forky.

"It was awesome.  A lot of great things happened, but a lot of sad things happened just like in the other Toy Story movies.   There were funny parts that made all the people laugh, like when Duckie, played by the really funny Keegan-Michael Key says, I’m gonna help you with my foot.  To infinity and my foot!” That’s in the trailer, too.  That was really funny.  Another funny line is when Buttercup the unicorn says, “we should frame dad and put him in jail”.  My dad didn’t think that was funny.  There is one sad part that I won’t tell you about and a surprise ending that I cannot tell you about.  Toy Story 4 is funny, awesome, sad and creative.

I recommend this movie for all ages but some parts I would think could scare little kids like the dummy dolls.  Other than that, I think the movie is good for kids and older people.  Adults responded by laughing so hard they were slapping their knees.  It was just a funny movie.  You guys should go see it. Thank you to the cast and crew of Toy Story 4 for the movie."