South's Greatest Wedding Photographers


Name: Kelli Boyd

Age: 37

Inspiration: "Inspiration comes from a variety of things and I feel it has a lot to do with what is going on throughout the day. The way the light hits her dress, the details, the location, a teary-eyed father. It is ever-changing. That is what makes every wedding unique to itself. That is why I love my job. Nothing is ever the same."

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Name: Rodney K. Gary

Age: 38

Inspiration: "As a young man, I was heavily influenced by Ebony, Jet, National Geographic and Life Magazines with photographs of people, places and special events that captured my imagination since childhood. From all of these perspectives and all of my educators in this life journey, the desire to have a camera in my hand since the age of ten has given me a different social and spiritual viewpoint of life."

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Name: Gagan Dhiman

Age: 29

Inspiration: "I have always enjoyed photography. After losing my mother to leukemia I realized I had very little photographs of both my mother and I. This painful realization was fuel to the fire of my passion of capturing moments, making the art of photojournalism my outlet and passion. I love capturing memories of love and joy for my clients on their wedding day. Jesus is my rock, and I prayerfully lean on Him and ask to capture wedding ceremonies as He sees them." 





Name: Aimee Ellen 

Age: 38

Inspiration: "What inspires me to be a photographer is the beauty of God’s creation. When I am at a photo shoot, I am inspired not only by the subjects, but also by the colors, backgrounds and overall environment. A couple’s wedding day is monumental and the love the couple expresses to each other inspires me to do my best work for them. What continues to inspire me at all photo shoots, whether a huge wedding or just a mini-shoot, is to get that ultimate shot. That shot that the client will cherish forever. That’s what I shoot for! :)"




Name: Taryn Collett 

Age: 29

Inspiration: "The opportunity to photograph faces filled with emotion is never more prevalent than on the day a person gets married. My job is photographing memories that inspire love and laughter for my clients. I enjoy capturing those very singular and important moments between friends and loved ones without having to stage or pose anything. This results in a very natural, relaxed and timeless feel. I simply let the event unfold and keep snapping!"







Name: Jason Hurst

Age: 33

Inspiration: "I love weddings and the challenge they bring.With weddings there is no down time, so I have to know my stuff and solve problems quickly. I have one chance to capture that day and tell a story about the love those two people share. I'm an artist, and I love to photograph love. It's a lot of pressure, and I enjoy every minute of it."





Name: Whitney Boring

Age: 27

Inspiration: "I love to show people how moving their emotions are on camera. And possibly more than that, I love showing people how beautiful they are, despite their insecurities or uncertainties.  The most inspiring thing for me is probably how happy and grateful my clients are for the memories when I deliver their images.  There is no greater feeling than sharing their most treasured moments with them."



Name: Melissa Spake

Age: 37

Inspiration:"My passion for weddings began taking shape at age 16 while a waitress for a catering company.  During that time, I was blessed to take part in hundreds of weddings and enjoyed all the different, beautiful aspects of each. Now I am so grateful to be trusted in capturing treasured family moments, candids and romantic intimate moments during one of the biggest days of a couple’s life."



Name: Tyler Boylston

Age: 26

Inspriation: "After my own wedding, I developed a passion for photography. I had a chance to photograph my wife a week after our wedding in her dress and knew that this was something I wanted to pursue. I love the connection that develops between photographer and subject, the simple satisfaction of beautiful light, the more complex sensation of seeing raw emotion unfold before my eyes – and blending it all together inside the camera. I enjoy being around people and love being creative; the funkier, the crazier, the better."



Name: Elizabeth Osterberger

Age: 36

Inspiration: "I love being part of their special day and learning everything I possibly can about them in the short time we have together. I take great pride knowing that my photos will be with them forever and will be part of their family history."