South's Greatest Professional Photographers

With smartphones and Instagram, everyone and their grandmother thinks they could be professional photographers. Our list of South's Greatest Photographers proves it takes more than a filter to produce stunning photographs. These professional photographers have a special eye and are able to capture the beauty in their surroundings that most of us can't see.


name_ Casey M. Hurst

age_ 33

inspiration_ My inspiration is my son. I am a mother of a little boy with a terminal condition, and he also loses every skill he learns. Capturing those skills before he loses them gives me something to hold onto forever. I want to capture smiles, love and even children playing in dirt, because you will never, ever have that exact moment again. This is so much more than my passion. It's my life.


name_ Michelle Boniface


inspiration_ Life is my inspiration to create something magical for the world.  Living in the Lowcountry has given me the opportunity to turn my dreams into reality.  I use our wonderful landscapes as canvases to capture my visions.  


name_ Jerina Boylston


inspiration_My inspiration in photography always comes from God.  Everything I do, the people I meet, the places I travel are part of HIS journey for my business. I don’t always get it right, but I try to honor God in everything I do with my camera.


name_ Tiffany Morgan


inspiration_ When I shoot, I want people to look at my work and feel something. I love what I do and I want to share that with everyone humanly possible.


name_ Caroline Pritzker


inspiration_ I have a passion for capturing moments with a creative eye.  Nothing makes me happier about my work than when a client has an emotional connection with my images.  A self-confessed chocoholic, running and photography keep me sane while I navigate the journey of motherhood. 


name_ Stephanie Cobb


inspiration_ Ever since I was a child the salt water has had an effect on me, pulling me in and never letting me go. I never tire of photographing subjects in or near water. The sun plays off of it differently every single time, new beauty to be found with each click of my shutter.


name_ Erin Rollins


inspiration_I love photographing children! We will run, laugh, play hide and seek, etc. There’s nothing better than capturing that little giggle, sweet smirk or mischievous grin. As a parent, we want to remember what our child’s personality was really all about. The magic is in the moment! 


name_ Miki Lansdowne


inspiration_Traveling the country and sharing my journey. I’ll take you on a journey to the current devastation of this generation and back to a lost past covered in layers of decay and dust to expose the Beautifully Abandoned. 


name_ Charlotte Wilson


inspiration_ I am inspired by songs, sceneries, a person, an outfit, a light, so many different things. Sometimes just giving a person a chance is all they really need in life or someone actually believing in them; that they are more than what most people would even believe.


name_Wendy Norman


inspiration_I want to spend my life chasing the lovely. Whether it’s seeing the sun rise over the beach, reading a good book in my favorite coffee shop, traveling to a new country, or photographing the big and small moments in other people’s lives — I want to fill my life with stories and adventures, both epic and ordinary.