South's Greatest Pets

Attention all pet lovers! The pets have been nominated and the votes are in. South is ready to share with you the animal companions that barked, drooled and licked their way into our readers’ hearts in order to win this year’s Greatest Pets contest. This year, it appeared that dogs rule the South. With an all-canine spread, shot by Angela Hopper-Lee, South was able to show off some oh-so-huggable dogs while explaining what makes them so unique. “[Monster] loves children, loves his family, loves his food and most importantly loves his Lazy Boy,” says Chasta Pilon, Monster’s owner.

Although dogs can be tricky to shoot, Hopper-Lee was able to execute the shots perfectly by placing the pets in natural settings. “I got inspired by what the owners were telling me rather than trying to make the pets do something they didn’t normally do,” she says. “A few we definitely winged it, but we got cute shots.” A wide variety of pooches are showcased, from lovable mutts to the rare Japanese Kai Ken breed. But the one thing that unites them all? “They were all good dogs, and you could tell they were well-loved,” Hopper-Lee says.