South’s Greatest Pets 2021

While it is said that a pet’s job is to be a person’s best friend, any pet owner will tell you they do so much more than that – and that’s what makes these furry friends South’s Greatest Pets.

Seabolt’s Shannan Hunt and Boudreaux / Photography: Angela Hopper

While it is said that a pet’s job is to be a person’s best friend, any pet owner will tell you they do so much more than that – and that’s what makes these furry friends South’s Greatest Pets.

1. Sully

Owner: Caitlin Condon
Nickname: Sully Bear
Social Media: @TheSavannahWolfhound
Age: 1 year
Breed: Irish Wolfhound
Favorite Toy: His pet rock

My name is Sullivan, but my friends call me “Sully.” I feel right at home with my #wolfhoundsquad in Savannah, on account of the large Irish wolfhound population and wolfhound culture—I can’t wait until it’s our time to shine again in the annual Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Parade! I wear my heart on my chest (literally) and I just love walking around town and meeting new friends. I’m a “momma’s boy” and a gentle giant (sometimes I forget I’m the tallest dog breed). 

Need to know: You can often find Sully hard at work at his post as a member of the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport Pup Crew working as a registered therapy dog. Sully also offers historical tour guides on his Instagram page, where he poses at various Savannah landmarks and shares a fun fact! Check out #TourGuideSully and @TheSavannahWolfhound to follow along!

Photos by Angela Hopper

2. Skipper

Owner: Dr. Cara DeLeon Graham
Nickname: Skipperdoodle
Social Media: @SkipperSayCheese
Age: 8 years
Breed: Airedale Terrier
Favorite Toy: An empty peanut butter jar

My name is Skipper, and I’m the CFO (Chief Fur-nancial Officer) at Pediatric Dentistry of Savannah. I love taking evening walks to the playground, howling at the harmonica and smiling anytime I see a camera! While my job is very important to me, my biggest responsibility is protecting my house from party balloons and my yard from cats.

Need to know: Skipper’s biggest responsibility in life is protecting his home from party balloons and his yard from cats. When he is a good boy, he is rewarded with his favorite treat, carrots! (Consequently, his eyesight is VERY good!)

3. Finnigan

Owner: Noah Wolcott
Nickname: Bubba
Social Media: #FinniganSharptooth
Age: 5 years
Breed: Bloodhound
Favorite Toy: Stuffed moose

My name is Finnigan, “Finn” for short, and if you see me on the street then come say ‘hi’ but not too loudly because I hate loud noises. I love running and hiking to work up a good slobber. My job is something of a personal trainer because of my natural athleticism, which makes me a great companion when hitting the trails or the pavement!

Need to know: Finn’s job is something of a personal trainer. His natural athleticism makes him a great companion when hitting the trails or the pavement.

4. Boudreaux

Owner: Shannan Hunt
Nickname: Boudie
Age: 6 months
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel — Blenheim
Favorite Toy: I chew anything that is not an actual toy: furniture, sticks, hair, shoe boxes, etc.

My favorite thing to do is visit my Seabolt family at the office and play at my grandmama’s ranch. I herd the goats and run all around the property chasing birds. I have helped my owner to love again after she lost two dogs in two months at the end of 2020. People describe me as a firecracker because I am energetic. I am willful, sometimes defiant, occasionally cuddly, but always cute. I have proudly inherited my Uncle Andy’s title as Seabolt Real Estate’s “Top Dog.”

5. Godiva

Owner: Heather Douglas
Nickname: Diva Girl
Social Media: @UnleashTheQueen
Age: 12 years
Breed: Yorkie-Pomeranian
Favorite Toy: Lamb chop and mini tennis balls

My name is Godiva Ann, but people know me as the boss lady. While most humans choose their pet, I took charge and chose my mom by interrupting her visit with another pup. The rest is history! I love going places with my mom in the car and chasing squirrels. A good old nap and relaxation time with my human friends tops the chart. I’ve also got a real job at Redmond Construction where-not to brag, but-I kind of run things. I have been working here for seven years with my mom doing most of the heavy lifting and distributing love to the workers. My other responsibilities include greeting coworkers and training new employees on the location of my treat jar.


6. Sophie

Nicknames: Squeaky
Age: 8 months
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Favorite Toy: Squeaky toys and any kind of ball
Owners: Ray Williams and Tatyana Yani-Tyrrell

My name is Sophie and I enjoy playing fetch, taking walks with my parents, and being the center of attention. I love cuddle time and even though I can give my owners a run for their money, they enjoy the happiness and joy I bring them each day. If I know you well, I’ll roll over on my back so that you can scratch my belly!


7. Cranford

Owners: Chris and Kim Watson
Social Media: @Crannie.James
Age: 4 years
Breed: Standard Poodle
Favorite Toy: Any kind of ball and bubbles

My name is Cranford and I’m not your average poodle. I know when my harness goes on that it’s time to get to work as a support dog, but when it comes off, it’s time to play and get silly! I am patient, loyal, protective, friendly and super smart. I love playing with any kind of ball, taking boat rides to Tybee, chasing bubbles and shopping at Target!

8. Brooklyn

Owners: Patrick J. Buchanan, MD and Andrea L. Buchanan
Nickname: Brooks
Age: 10 years
Breed: Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix
Favorite Toy: Any human hand that can pet her belly

Don’t let my size fool you – I may be small, but I am mighty! My full name is Brooklyn Rae Buchanan and I bring all my sweetness with me wherever I go. I am soft and fluffy, some may even say, irresistible. I have serious wanderlust and a passion for traveling. I serve as a constant source of comic relief and emotional support for my humans.

9. Cricket

Owner: Natasha Borkowski
Age: 2 years
Breed: Feline/Medium hair
Favorite Toy: Scratching post

My name is Cricket and chances are, you will hear me before you see me. As my name implies, my most distinctive feature is the chirping sound I make—instead of a typical purr, I mimic the chirp of a bow-legged insect. I promise, it’s more endearing than it sounds! My mom adopted me from Greater Savannah Area Humane Society in March 2020 right before the COVID-19 lockdown and I’ve been keeping her pleasant company ever since. I enjoy back scratches, sunbathing, playing in shipping boxes and watching TV or reading with my mom. I work hard to keep my mom’s house mouse-free. As an indoor cat, I don’t take kindly to rodent visitors, so I stay patrolling the house with an honest sense of duty.

10. Poppi

Owner: McKenzie Peters
Age: 3 years
Breed: Lagotto Romagnolo
Favorite Toy: A pink elephant stuffed animal

While my official name is Poppi, I also answer to the following: Pop, Popsicle, Poppi Girl, Bug, or Adventure Pop. I love doing anything my mom does, such as hiking, boating, kayaking, walking around downtown or getting pup cups from Starbucks. I had a hard start when I was shipped off to a personal trainer by the original breeder and came back scared of everything. However, my forever mom has helped me over all of this, now making me a happy camper.

Honorable Mention: Yoda

Owner: Gena Sullivan
Nickname: Chicken
Age: 1.5 years
Breed: Sphinx
Favorite Toy: Bird feathers on a string

Like my name suggests, I am “at one” with the forces; I’m also big enough to admit I bear a slight resemblance to the Grand Master of the Jedi Order. Speaking of order—it’s kind of my thing. Some may call it OCD, but I love structure. There is a time and place for everything: nap time, snack time, cuddle time. When I don’t go to work with my mom, I know exactly when she will be home so I can greet her at the door and hear about her day. She says I am an excellent listener compared to my fellow felines. 

Did you know that hairless cats need a weekly bath?


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