South's Greatest Kids

Colin Perry Arpin

Your hearts are about to melt when you take a look at how precious the kids of the South really are. These are the heart-warmers, the snack-eaters, the running and playing champions of our future sharing a little bit of their personalities with us, the readers of South. How did we get so lucky?

The Massie Heritage Center is the ideal place for your kids (and you) to learn about the history of Savannah. Take a trip to learn about the city’s architecture, and the history of people who lived here long ago! Whether you’re visiting Savannah, or a long-time resident, you can find something worthwhile at Massie every time!

Massie has a long standing history. Once a public school, it was too small to support student population. The school was a cherished and revered institution by the locals, mostly in the downtown area. The people of Savannah wanted reassurance that it would be preserved and utilized as an educational resource.

One fighter for the preservation of Massie school was Emma Morel Adler. Mrs. Adler became a Chatham County School Board Member in 1975. She was a Savannian native raised right in the heart of the Historic District. She was passionate about saving the city’s historic treasures.

The Massie Heritage Center has developed a collection of educational exhibits, living history uniforms, and plenty of programs to educate and stimulate the community.

With exhibits like Savannah’s Grid, you can learn what Oglethorpe's ideas behind the design of the city! With a laser show and other engaging activities the whole family can feel more connected to the community.

Colin Perry Arpin

Colin (pictured above) makes the world go ‘round. At least, that’s how his family feels. Colin was born January 9, 2017. From the moment Colin arrived he has been the light in his parent’s eyes. A perpetually positive baby, he has a constant, infectious smile that can spread joy to anyone. His family can find reminders to be optimistic, and to always be kind and forgiving through his exuberant energy. His favorite food is butternut squash but he is always up for trying new things! He loves to do anything outdoors and is intrigued with the way grass feels on his toes and hands. Currently, Colin has taken up a new hobby of observing all of the wonderful Christmas lights that are popping up around the neighborhood! Another favorite activity of his is crawling and chasing after his four dogs Darwin, Julius, Stella, and Wookie. Colin’s experimentation with different finger foods has really increased his popularity with his four-legged friends!​


Eli Barrow, Ryan and Jack Lee.

Eli Barrow

Who loves Mickey Mouse, crawls really fast, and wins the hearts of everyone he meets? The answer is 10 month old, Eli Barrow. Eli loves being outside no matter what the weather, and has a passion for furry animals, especially his two dogs, Charlie and Bella. Eli has a huge outgoing personality and a love for people. Eli is the miracle baby doctors thought could never happen. He goes on stroller rides through the park, and on Sundays you can find him at Grace United Methodist Church. Pastor Steve has declared him the star of the show! All just for fun, of course, because that’s how Eli is. He’s a happy and positive baby.

Ryan and Jack Lee

Ryan thrives off of being active and playing outside. Since she was 3 months old, Ryan has been “working out” with her mom at Stroller Strong Moms. She radiates confidence and her parents are always amazed at her ability to do anything and everything! Every night before bed, her parents talk about how confident, healthy, smart, kind and brave she is. They want her to grow up comfortable in her own skin, and “immune” to the pressures of society. Through these daily affirmations, her parents have also been reminded of the importance of being content and happy with whatever events life may bring them. Jack has a shy, tender heart, with a smile that beams with joy. He has an innate ability to turn any situation into a fun, laugh-worthy time. Even with his mischievous side, his parents can’t help but smile, as he truly brings out the best in everything. They are reminded by him daily that laughter is the best medicine, and that they can always find positivity and happiness no matter what the circumstance.


Eitan Ori & Matan Matanmoshe Friedman

Eitan Ori & Matan Matanmoshe Friedman

Eitan is Abraham’s nickname, meaning strength. Eitan surprised everyone by being born first! He is a sweet and shy baby who wants no one, but his mom! These identically adorable twins were fighters from the very beginning. Born at just 32 weeks, these boys had to share their food, space and blood flow. The twins came home after a month in the hospital and have been thriving ever since! They give their parents the strength to get through any obstacle they may face. The name Matan, means “Gift from God,” and he feels like our extra gift. He is outgoing, feisty, packed with a big personality. He is a big flirt and always looking for where the party is. His smile is unforgettable.


Jaxon Duplooy, and Austin, Carson, and Reagan

Jaxon Duplooy

There isn’t a food in the world that Jaxon won’t try. He loves to eat! Jaxon has these bright blue eyes and such a big smile with those dimples that could make any bad day a great one! Jaxon was a surprise! An amazing surprise, though. We couldn’t have our family any other way. We didn’t think we could have anymore children. His older brother is 14 years old, which is great because he’ll have a good role model to look up to. He is such a sweet and happy baby.

Austin, Carson, and Reagan

Austin is a super smart, loving and caring 7-year old that enjoys cool cars, riding his bike and doing his very best at everything he does. Austin loves hibachi and salads. He is no picky eater! He loves school. His favorite subjects to learn about are history, science and math. Carson is a awesome kind hearted 14-year old. He truly enjoys helping others, he is always willing to learned a helping hand. When it comes to snacking, he is a meat and potatoes kind of guy! No veggies for him. If Carson could eat ribs, steak and crab legs on a daily basis he would. He loves science and doing experiments. When it’s time to get in some exercise, he chooses his skateboard. Reagan is energetic, high spirited, loving 9-year old. During her free time she enjoys cheering with her competitive cheerleading squad and playing with her brothers. She’s always excited to learn something new. Pasta and bell peppers are a big staple for her at dinner time. Reagan is girly, but that doesn’t stop her from getting outside to ride her bike!


Vivilyn Fowler and Levi Harrison

Vivilyn Fowler

The day the little ray of sunshine, known as Vivilyn Fowler came home, was the day her family’s life changed forever. They didn’t know what they were missing until the day her parents became just that: parents. Vivilyn brings constant joy and love into the household even when days get tough. They are blessed to have this little bundle. She brings the perfect balance to her family.

Levi Harrison

Levi Harrison is the daughter of Nevada and Emily Harrison. Levi was born on October 16, 2013, and what a joy she was!Levi is always smiling, dancing, singing. Levi always keeps her family on their toes because they never know what she’ll say next. When asked who her favorite person in the world is, she says, Sissy, her Aunt Ashlyn. Levi loves to play T-ball and being outside, but will take her lipstick with her just in case she needs it. Levi is caring and sweet and has impacted our family with her love. When anything goes wrong her sweet little smile will be right there and it will make any day better.


Gracie Wahesh

Gracie Wahesh

Reagan Grace “Gracie” Wahesh is an active, helpful, and independent 2 ½-year-old who was born four weeks early and has been on the go ever since. She’s shy at first, but after a few minutes, her natural desire to lead comes out. She might not seem as energetic as her little brother, but she loves to climb, slide, swing and play fetch with her giant golden retriever. She laughs the hardest when she successfully steals her mom’s nose. When it is time to relax, she loves to swing in one of the hammocks by the marsh at Palmetto Bluff.

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