South's Greatest Homes 2013

Learn to create a masterpiece out of your own house with inspiration from South’s Greatest Homes. From free-standing staircases to heated floors, these homes don’t joke around when it comes to luxury at its finest. Learn the “less is more” tactic that is all the rage in home design and take a glimpse into some of the South’s greatest homes. “The William Kehoe home is one of the most significant properties in Historic Savannah. it is one of the most viewed hoes on the tours. People love the ivy, the location on Columbia Square and the wrought iron, which is all original,” says Elaine Seabolt of Seabolt Brokers, LLC. Built in 1888 and renovated in 2006 by Mark VanTil, the elegant house was and remains amazing. With Julie Wilde’s excellent interior design, the house is remarkable with simple, but elaborate pieces that do not fill space just for the sake of filling.