South's Greatest Bosses 2013

The winners of South’s first annual Greatest Bosses contest are not your run-of-the-mill supervisors. Voted on by their employees and South's readers, these head honchos are the very definition of excellent leadership, and they were eager to share what it takes to be a great boss all while doting on their staff. “I always try to hire people who are better than myself. The people I’ve surrounded myself with are capable, bright, driven individuals,” says Lindsey Reed, Vice President of Talent Acquisition for TMX Finance. This year’s winners ranged from a doctor to a director and everything in between, proving that no matter what your title is, treating your staff with respect is of the utmost importance. “I am able to put aside my ego and work alongside my employees. Every job is important, even if it means getting down and dirty, and although I delegate tasks well, it doesn’t mean you won’t ever find me with a broom in hand or a paddle board over my head,” says Mike Campanaro, co-owner of AOK Watersports.