South's Greatest Amateur Photographers

With smartphones and Instagram, everyone and their grandmother thinks they could be professional photographers. Our list of South's Greatest Photographers proves it takes more than a filter to produce stunning photographs. These amateur photographers have a special eye and are able to capture the beauty in their surroundings that most of us can't see.



name_ Margo Sullivan


inspiration_Seeing something, envisioning it, then creating it for the world to see.  Growing up in the beautiful city of Savannah provides endless creative opportunities.


name_ Julie Farris Scott


inspiration_I find inspiration to shoot on almost a daily basis here in Coastal Georgia. I love to represent what gives me that inspiration to capture what I see in this beautiful part of the South, whether it be the beautiful scenery, the traditions and heritage of Coastal Georgia, or the incredible wildlife. 


name_ Ariannah Kubli


inspiration_I enjoy translating something or someone I find beautiful into a piece of art, which others can also find beauty in. Photography allows me to express how I view the world.


name_ Thomas Horn


inspiration_My inspiration for taking photos arises from wanting to show nature in its natural composition and presentation.  We have all been to places where photos do not represent the true beauty of the place.  My goal is to photograph these areas and bring out the true beauty and contrast of nature.  


name_ Andrew Feiler


inspiration_I am a fifth-generation Georgian.  Having grown up Jewish in Savannah, my art and I have been shaped by the rich complexities of the American South, and of being a minority in the South: history and culture, geography and race, tradition and conflict, injustice and progress. 


name_ Amy McLarty


inspiration_I have a kinship with all animals and feel at peace in nature. Photography is a passion that's enabled me to share the world through my eyes with family and friends. I've been inspired to capture still images of the beauty I see every day. 


name_ Michelle L. Eberly


inspiration_From the cobblestone streets of downtown to the salt marshes of Tybee Island, there is so much beauty and history to be taken in. Even the old broken down shrimp boats beached on the river bed can be intriguing. It's like they are whispering, " I was alive once. Come listen and then share my story." 


name_ Steve Smerick


inspiration_I think the best way to describe my interest in photography, is the desire for others to see what I’ve seen. I grab my camera and capture the moment. I guess that’s the best way to describe my inspiration to shoot: giving others the opportunity to see what I’ve seen. 


name_ Yanir Yakabovits


inspiration_Self-taught, I try to compose images that are not just "pretty" but also technically interesting.  I am inspired by anything that I haven't seen or tried before and any new opportunity to expand my photography horizons.


name_ Jim Lynch


inspiration_My inspiration to shoot comes from originality, which is a significant factor in art. I find a successful piece is one that presents itself to the viewer as something they’ve yet to see or wouldn’t have thought of.