South’s Fourth Annual Greatest Pets

Nancy Usher and Gracie

FAVORITE PASTIME: “It’s hard to believe probably, but it’s bath time! Gracie takes bubble baths in the Jacuzzi tub and gets an exfoliating scrub and then she is towel dried and gets her nails buffed.”

Kaney Balance & Dooley

WHAT MAKES OWNING HIM SO SPECIAL: “He may be a tiny dog, but his personality is huge. Everyone who has met him has fallen in love with his vivacious spirit. He has had my heart since I first saw him, and my love continues to grow stronger every day.”

Brandi Hudon & David

FAVORITE PASTIME: “He's a big lazy bulldog so HIS favorite pastime is eating and napping. I however, like to try to keep him active. We take walks, we throw the ball, and then we come back and nap.”

Jen Young 
& King Kyno

“ADOPT a shelter dog! I repeat, ADOPT A SHELTER DOG!
Make sure you love the dog unconditionally, just as much as it loves you. You'll soon find out. . . just who rescued whome?!”

Shari Sasser & Nikko

FAVORITE PASTIME: “One of our favorite pastimes is playing tug. Most of the time Nikko is hanging from my pant leg, shoelace, or other laundry I’m attempting to fold. He will chase anything or any- one; there are no favorites!”

Chris Midkiff & Duff

FAVORITE PASTIME: “Duff Ledbetter is one of the most caring dogs you'll ever meet. He has an extra sense that notices when you're down or don't feel good, and he'll either cuddle with you or try to entertain you in an at- tempt to make you feel better.”

Courtney, Bobby Lee & Sadie Mae

“My advice would be to not take your dog for granted. They have a short time here with us and we are their whole world, so remember to include them when possible, never stay mad at them long, and always treat them like family.”

Janelle Waugh, Geoffrey Thomas & Dixie

ADVICE TO OTHER PET OWNERS: “Don’t be afraid to adopt an older dog. They can be just as loving and sweet as a puppy. If you shower your pet with love, they will give it right back.”

Jessie Swafford & Sandy

WHAT MAKES OWNING HER SO SPECIAL: “Sandy is an extremely loveable and cuddly dog. She is always looking out for every member of the family. She is such a joy.”