Southern Soul Food's Best Kept Secret

Mouth-watering Soul Food

We know it's hard to believe, but this is a secret we actually want you to tell.

It’s no secret that traditional southern cuisine is a cuisine like no other, and with a nickname like “soul food,” who’s to deny that statement? But the city of Savannah does have a secret it’s dying to tell. In fact, this secret in particular has been officially stamped as Savannah’s “best kept secret.” Let us fill you in.

Since 1973, Debi’s Restaurant has been one of Savannah’s most treasured southern cooking outlets. The family-owned restaurant offers an assortment of southern-style foods and ever-changing daily specials at an exceptionally decent price! A continuous menu item that is favored by many customers is the Southern Lunch of the Day. This hearty meal consists of the restaurant’s meat of the day served with three of Debi’s specialty sides and some of Savannah’s best sweet tea.

Because of a temporary name change, the local dining spot may be familiar to some as “Laurie’s Restaurant,” but a switch in management has led to it recently being reclaimed as “Debi’s.” Despite the name swaps, Debi’s has remained as the go-to place for many local customers, including Savannah’s most prestigious attorneys, bankers and law enforcement officials.

Attorney Elizabeth Costner and Elizabeth Gobeil love Debi’s atmosphere and some of Savannah’s best southern home cooking.

A career within the Chatham County boundary line is not a dine-in requirement. The darling restaurant has adopted new weekend hours to give more of Savannah’s out-of-town visitors a chance to satisfy their home cooking cravings.

So, the secret is out. Debi’s Restaurant is a must-visit for the chance to indulge in some southern soul food like no other. Tell all of your friends! After all, “secrets are no fun.”

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