Southern-Made Fish Hippie

 Nothing says summer in the South like fishing. And nothing says Southern style like dressing in casual, but classy, garb and enjoying a glass of homegrown wine, preferably in bare feet. The Fish Hippie brand combines the best of both traditions.


 When Drew Denny and Ben Webb met one afternoon, fishing along a sandbar on the outer banks of North Carolina, they just clicked. Both men found that they had much in common, having been raised with traditional Southern values. Now, they’ve built the Fish Hippie brand based on their love for sharing the company of good friends and family in the great outdoors of the South. Simplicity is central to their style, “We do believe that less is more. We have a Southern heritage but don’t feel the need to say it. We like to leave the brand message open to interpretation and allow our customers to decide what Fish Hippie means to them individually.”