Southern Eagle Distributing makes a splash at Faces of the South Gala of the Decade

Not only did the Faces of the South gala provide an exclusive sneak-peak at Richard Kessler’s Plant Riverside District hotel, it also gave guests the perfect opportunity to try some of Southern Eagle’s premier beer selections, specially curated to complement the various locations around the hotel. 



The hop-filled journey through the 419-room hotel began down by the river with a aptly named favorite. “We wanted everybody to enjoy Savannah River Brewing while enjoying the Savannah River,” said Tom Fitzgerald. The two beers featured by the Augusta brewery were No Jacket Required, a Czech Republican-style Pilsner, and their signature Savannah River IPA. Also in attendence was the Golden Road Mango Cart, a mango wheat ale which could be made into a “beermosa” by adding orange juice. 



Next on the tour was an extravagant Bud Light Seltzer stand, complete with eight different types of seltzer. Classic Bud Light Seltzer flavors like mango, watermelon, strawberry and blackberry were served alongside the grapefruit, lemon lime and cranberry seltzers by Bon Viv. Also in attendance was Monday Night Brewing’s Narwater seltzer variety pack. 



“We had different brands to sample for each area, complementing the evening as guests moved through the hotel.” — Tom Fitzgerald


Further down the boardwalk sat the Wicked Weed bar. This renowned Asheville brewery first opened as a pub in 2012, but quickly expanded to produce its groundbreaking IPAs and sour beers. The team at Southern Eagle managed to snag some incredible brews straight from the Funkatorium, including a delicious wheat ale with mango, pineapple and guava called Freshly Pressed. Serving in the vanguard were the usual suspects such as the famous Pernicious IPA and the Coastal Love Hazy IPA


The Electric Moon rooftop bar featured a selection of local beers from the state of Georgia. First on the list was the Wild Leap Brewing Co.’s Chance IPA, followed by the Dr. Robot blackberry lemon sour by Monday Night Brewing. Also featured was the Cooter Brown Ale by Jekyll Brewing, the Red Hare SPF 50/50, and the Savannah River IPA. Taking a trip down the slide and into the adult playground landed you in the domain of Michelob Ultra Gold, a USDA certified organic beer that was perfect for the rooftop sunset. 


“Obviously we wanted the building to be the focus — it’s a showstopper. We did our best to supplement the evening and the experience of touring the hotel.” — Tom Fitzgerald


Last but not least was the dessert bar for adult milkshakes and coffee beers. Southern Eagle paired the Sycamore Cheeky Peach Ale with vanilla ice cream, as well as the Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla Porter. Finally to finish the night was the Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, a premier barrel-aged beer with hints of cocoa, fudge, vanilla, caramel, almond, leather and tobacco. 



Completing this hotel-wide circuit of beer in its entirety was almost impossible without ending up on the floor, but thats alright. Finishing all thirty beers offered was not what Southern Eagle in mind. Instead, they set up their venues so that no matter where you were within the Plant Riverside District, there was always an exciting brew waiting for you to try, a different flavor for each location and something there for everybody.