Southern Bohemian Every Girl Needs

Savannah’s newest unique boutique brings sustainable, bohemian artistry to Savannah

Owner and SCAD grad Mollie Youngblood opened her art gallery and boutique with one goal in mind: to set up a shop that supports local, sustainable artists who produce unique products with bohemian twists. And after nearly a year in business, Youngblood’s #SOFO (hashtag slang for “South of Forsyth”) shop Bohemia South has not only met that goal, but is now teaching Savannah that it could stand to be a bit more sustainable.

Bohemia South, which is layered in hand-dyed recycled sheets, armchairs upholstered with patchwork, and a mass of plants, is proving to be a gathering of cultures for artists, art lovers, and bohemians alike. The shop is what Youngblood hopes will be not only a storefront to display the incredible talents of local sustainable artists, but also a workshop for them, allowing customers to watch as they work.

With 18 artists, each piece of art in the store, Youngblood explains, is sustainable. “We use recycled materials to make everything,” she says. “My mission is to have really cool, everyday items that are art and wearable art. A lot of the artists that are going to be coming in here are going to be sustainable artists, using things that are recycled and geared towards green-living.”

And by simply entering the shop, the sustainable is clearly visible. The stores products range from prints to fine arts, wearables to children’s, and of course vintage. From the handmade jewelry to the handcrafted clothing, each item is made with care.

Youngblood is no stranger to the Bohemian lifestyle. Not only is she a self-proclaimed flower child (“I have a plant problem,” she says with a laugh), but Bohemia South is also the sister shop to Bohemia, located in Urbana, Ill. and run by Youngblood’s mother. It’s the same concept, but bigger storefront.

Bohemia South is one of the few stores in the Victorian District that sells clothing and Youngblood hopes to see that change soon.

“I hope to inspire growth in this District,” she says. “I want to see this neighborhood flourish.”

Youngblood is also no stranger to wanting to help others grow. After graduating from SCAD in 2010, she taught art privately.

“I love seeing people grow,” she says. “I think Savannah has a lot of room to grow in terms of sustainability and green-living… Hopefully I help that.”

Aside from expanding the shop to include workspaces for artists, the store is also home to an array of events. “I love hosting,” Youngblood says. She holds a variety of trunk shows throughout the year and has an upcoming essential oils workshop on May 18. Bohemia South is located at 1115 Whitaker Street. Discover more events and keep up with them on Facebook at @BohemiaSouth and on Instagram at @Bohemia.South.