Southeast Law, LLC

Ashleigh Madison is the attorney you need if the rough waters of litigation are threatening to pull you under.

Don’t let the glow of southern charm fool you– in the courtroom attorney Ashleigh Madison is determined as a shark out for blood when representing her clients. Recently, Madison won a case against the U.S. government in which an Army veteran died after receiving improper care at a VA hospital. The man’s surviving family was awarded $1.2 million. In another case, Madison won $4 million for a family when the jury agreed that a greedy family member was stealing from an elderly aunt’s estate. As a trial lawyer, clearly, her specialty is preparing and delivering winning arguments before judge and jury.

Madison is also long on experience and credentials. After graduating from Mercer University Law School, Madison began practicing at Savannah’s , Savage & Turner, where she eventually became a partner. After 14 years with the firm, Madison went out on her own, and in 2014, Ashleigh Madison founded Southeast Law, where she and attorney Rebecca Watts handle personal and financial injury cases.


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