Sometimes Your Words Just Hypnotize Me

The word ‘hypnosis’ brings to mind a man in a cape swinging a gold pocket watch in front of your face. “You’re getting very sleepy,” he says. “When I snap my fingers…” And suddenly you’re a chicken and everyone is laughing. Steve G. Jones, modern day hypnotist, is not a stage hypnotist.

In fact, he's a highly-sought-after hypnotist to the stars who has offices in Los Angeles, New York and Savannah. But he doesn’t mind that some do perform on stage.

“Stage hypnosis can be strikingly shocking when someone sees their buddy next to them, or someone who doesn’t believe in ‘that hypnosis crap,’ start singing like Madonna,” Jones says. “They may have never believed in it. I realized that [stage hypnotists] are using those tactics to show how powerful hypnosis is.” Instead Jones is a clinical hypnotist, meaning he helps patients make positive changes in their lives—everything from smoking cessation to weight loss. Jones has a office in New York, an office to open in California and an office in his Savannah home.

But don’t rush to get an appointment. Jones is a busy man. Not to mention two hours of his time will cost you $25,000—success not guaranteed. His clients are mostly celebs or heads of production companies. He helps them prepare for auditions, important meetings and other stressful life events. Growing up, Jones was a self-described bad kid—juggling bad grades, his father’s declining health and a new stepmom, when it was decided to send him away to military school.