Something Vintage, Something New

Sarah Jones

Photography courtesy of Elizabeth Demos, by Christine Hall photography

If you’ve ever purchased one of those photo apps that apply a sun-faded, sepia or rough-around-the-edges effect, you get this trend: a vintage aesthetic has become increasingly popular over the last several years, and wedding styling is no exception. “It’s a really strong trend, it’s getting stronger and stronger and not fading in any way,” says local wedding and photography stylist Elizabeth Demos. Her first book, Vintage Wedding Style, hit the shelves in late December—just in time to inspire 2013 brides with the stunning photography and invaluable advice that populates its 208 pages. And Demos hasn’t left a stone unturned: the book addresses everything, from large elements like venue and transportation to tiny details like place settings and resources for where to find inexpensive DIY materials. Many of the tips Demos offers address one of the trickiest elements of any event: narrowing down a wealth of ideas to the cream of the crop. “I would say the best part of the process is editing,” Demos says. “Everybody wants everything, and sometimes the stuff doesn’t mesh well. Prioritizing things, being able to choose things wisely, allows you to hone in on one thing that’s really bright.” Everything from DIY projects to her surprisingly simple (yet insightful) tips—like allowing your wedding location to inspire your color palette (instead of vice versa) is covered.