Smith Brothers

Robert and Brenda Anderson have successfully translated their passion for meat, wine and cheese into the Smith Brothers Butcher Shop. The place is a neighborhood grocery, aiming to provide customers with fresh, wholesome and affordable ingredients that are also local.


The Butcher Shop is a 6,000 square-feet space, with adjoining parking and a meeting room in the back. Innumerable cuts for every taste are laid out in glass cases, all cut in-house. Gary Griffin, the sommelier in charge, can personally recommend and speak at length about any of the wines sold at the shop. The cheese and charcuterie selection is hand picked by the Butcher Shop’s up-and-coming cheesemonger. Fresh, seasonal produce is always for sale.


 “We only care about the food. If it’s not a product that Robert and I have tried and loved, a product that we believe in, then it’s not going for sale,” Brenda says. 


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