Smile Designs

Dr. Cooper knows how to make patients relax. Her constant smile and genuine passion for her field put everyone who comes into the office at ease.  She knows that past, unpleasant experiences with dentists can discourage patients from seeking help, which is why she is always gentle and friendly. With an impressive education and dental background, Dr. Cooper has the skill and experience to make your dental dreams a reality.

A graduate of the University of Southern California and the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine, she has traveled the expanse of the United States and uses what she has learned to help her patients. Although she specializes and even instructs others in cosmetic dentistry, she is also adept at not-so-glamorous dental needs like root canals, bridges and dentures. Her number one priority is helping her patients with whatever they require. When those she treats have positive reactions to their “smile designs”, she is often moved to tears. “These moving times,” she says, “make me want to cry with them.”