Smart & Associates

Don Smart and Associates

Smart & Associates provides expertise and excellent service across family law, probate, and worker’s compensation.

At Smart & Associates, there is an expert for each area of law allowing clients the opportunity to have the best representation for their personal needs. The firm practices in a variety of legal areas including social security, criminal, longshoreman and worker’s compensation, personal injury and wrongful death, divorce and family law, business law and litigation, wills and probate, and estate planning and administration.

"The attorneys at Smart & Associates pride themselves in being competent, confident, and compassionate."

As a small firm, clients get direct access to a skilled attorney who will explain their rights and explore their options from the very start. Through a free initial consultation, clients are able to better understand the process and the potential outcome, allowing them to make informed decisions. The team is led by Don Smart, who has been practicing law since 1975. With his many years of litigation experience, along with his team of associates, Smart & Associates will find the best solution to your needs.

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