She Walks the Walk

Lori Judge, Savannah’s resident real estate guru, has preached green since she came on the scene. She has set the bar for eco-living, while keeping a luxurious lifestyle, something all Southerners should look into.

Because of her dedication to both green living and luxury, she has been given the opportunity to be the first person in the Lowcountry to own the newest BMW i3. The newest member of BMW’s luxury series, the i3 can run 80 miles completely on its battery. Only 700 have been distributed in the U.S.

You might think a battery operated car would be difficult to keep going in Savannah, but there are actually charging stations all over the city. Forsyth Park now has multiple stations, there are charging stations in some of the city garages, and every Whole Foods store has a convenient charging station for its customers.

Should you hop on the green bandwagon? Absolutely! Judge proves that you have nothing to give up and loads to gain from going green.