Shark Lake Movie

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Michael Aaron Milligan – Shark Lake

 Michael Aaron Milligan doesn’t just like Savannah, he loves it. 

“It was heaven,” says the actor, producer and stunt performer about spending a chunk of his summer here shooting the horror film Siren. “Savannah is gorgeous.” 

Siren, shot in four weeks all over The First City, is a full-length feature based on four guys who head out on the town for a bachelor party that goes very, very wrong. The story is a spinoff of “Amateur Night,” a short from the popular anthology horror film V/H/S. 

“Horror films are a blast,” says Milligan, who’s done four in the last year alone, including The Last Heist, the latest from director Mike Mendez. “I love drama, but melodrama is sort of uninteresting, whereas horror, when shit hits the fan it’s much more interesting to me. I love a good story where someone dies in the end, it’s powerful.” 

That someone is often him, he says, working to his acting advantage. “You always have the comedy, and I usually play the comic relief in horror films. And I’m usually the one to die, too. So in one film I can get all the horror, the funny and the action,” he says. “A good horror film has plenty of action, and I love doing my own stunts. So I can do it all.” 

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Chandler Riggs – The Walking Dead

Atlanta native Chandler Riggs has been playing increasingly hardened teen Carl Grimes in AMC’s zombie thriller series The Walking Dead since he was ten years old. Now that he is 16 and a junior in high school, Chandler’s mother, actress Gina-Ann Riggs, says it’s amazing to see how much her son has grown up on the show. “I don’t need a scrapbook, I can watch The Walking Dead,” jokes Riggs of reminiscing about the adolescence of her older son, whom she describes as reserved, quiet and humble. She said putting her eager young son on a TV set with such a grown-up premise back in 2010 gave her pause, but only momentarily. “I was a little nervous. We had never seen the comics until he started auditioning. But he played zombie video games already; I knew he wouldn’t be scared being on-set, and the production team was great with us,” she says. “It’s all so fake when you’re there filming it. When it gets put together and you’re watching it on screen, you’re shielding your eyes. But on set, they yell ‘cut’ and the zombies start talking.” Riggs says they’ve been blessed to be able to support Chandler’s budding career without having to move from Atlanta. They have, however, frequented Savannah, as that’s where Chandler’s dad, William Riggs, lived until his family moved to Statesboro when he was 15.

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