Secret Southerner

Savannah’s Own

When you think of Savannah as a person, our Secret Southerner always comes to mind. His humor, quirkiness and hospitality are values the Hostess City holds dear.

Fabric of Savannah

Because he dedicates his time and talents to helping Savannah’s many charities, this Secret Southerner has woven himself into the fabric of Savannah. It’s in his nature to help people and give back to the community that made him. He not only takes pride in helping at some of Savannah’s biggest and most prestigious events, he usually takes the microphone, too.

Serving You

Not only does our Secret Southerner serve via the many charities he is involved in, he also served five terms in the Georgia House of Representatives. He clearly favored Savannah over Atlanta because he retired from public office in 1997.

Take a Gander

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