Sea Island and Little St. Simons: Rustic Elegance Awaits You!

Only one hour south of Savannah lie the Golden Isles — among which are two private islands, Sea Island and St. Simons — which provide enchanting ways to disconnect from the modern world.

Just one hour south of Savannah lie the Golden Isles, a beautiful region of the state where a plethora of activities ranging from dining, shopping, lodging and outdoor exploring await. The two private islands that are part of the Golden Isles, Sea Island and Little St. Simons, have so much to offer.

The Cloister Back Banks Terrace. Photograph c/o

At Sea Island is The Cloister, a five-star resort and accompanying restaurant, opulent properties and a luxurious beach club. This exclusive island offers turtle walks, kayaking, paddleboarding and guides for off- or on-shore fishing. The well-known Avenue of Oaks offers characteristically-Southern scenery with a tree tunnel entrance that is a popular destination for wedding photography and prom pictures.

The Golf Performance Center. Photograph c/o

Little St. Simons (which is only accessible by boat) offers a more affordable option for those who still desire the same enchanting experience of Sea Island… but it is still certainly just as beautiful. “Rustic elegance” is truly the best way to describe this retreat. There are over 300 different bird species at the island, making this a favorite destination for bird watchers. While dining, gardeners serve dishes with veggies and herbs that they, themselves, have grown. There are only six cabins that can host 32 guests at a time on the island, which makes this an ideal location for business retreats or family reunions. Much of the land is undeveloped, with seven miles of private beach, which makes for the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the outside word and instead connect with nature. 

Boating opportunities at Little St. Simons. Photograph c/o Cassie Wright Photography.


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