School Readiness begins in the Crib

Paul Fisher, a local retired businessman, believes targeting infants and toddlers could be the key to finding solutions to a wide variety of societal problems, including crime, poverty, low educational outcomes, and teen pregnancy.

            Fisher's journey to addressing these challenges, particularly of preparing students for school, was a seemingly long one. After obtaining his degree in Chemical Engineering, the South Dakota native worked for Dow Chemical. After thirty years with Dow, Fisher retired and moved his family to Savannah in 2004, where he became a board member of Rotary Savannah South. It was during a Rotary board meeting eight years ago that Fisher posed the question of whether or not the service organization was having the most impact in the community. It was from this meeting that Fisher founded the Savannah Early Childhood Foundation (SECF), which aims to tackle poverty by making sure that all children are ready for school. 



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