Savannah's Bloody Mary

Kelly Yambor and Jeremy Diehl say they were disappointed in the Bloody Mary drinks they’d ordered around town. They felt that the fairly mundane drinks would benefit from the use of more exciting ingredients. 

Naturally, given their culinary prowess, they set to work concocting a signature mix of their own. One year later, many restaurants, hotels and bars in the Savannah area use their original Savannah Bloody Mary Mix.

“Savannah’s been around for 282 years, and we thought it needed an original Savannah beverage. So we started the Savannah Beverage and Brinery, which makes the only locally owned, brewed and bottled Bloody Mary mix in Savannah,” says Diehl. When asked about the name of his company, Diehl simply states, “I thought it was time for the city to have its own mix to show off.”

All of the ingredients in the Savannah Bloody Mary mix are 100 percent U.S. grown. And because there are no preservatives, the mix has a shelf life of six months—not the nearly two years common amongst mixes sold by larger corporations. “You have to think about that. Why can that product sit there for two years and you can drink it and be okay? There are no fillers in our Bloody Mary mix that will make the product thick or that dilute it so it makes more money.”

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