Savannah UnderGo Festival


Music & Arts Festival 

MARCH 9-11th 


The UnderGo Festival is an all local music and arts festival featuring over 30 local bands, artists, and performers. The event is being held at The Savannah Film Co., located at 611 W. Jones Street, across from the Georgia Railroad Museum, and will showcase over 20 local bands performing on two stages throughout the weekend. 

The event will begin at 3p.m. on Friday, March 9 and end at 5p.m. Sunday, March 11. 
The festival will feature live art installations, curated local works, acrobatic and fire performances, and an eclectic genre music program with some of Savannah's finest musicians. 

The event is free and all ages! Donations will be accepted at the entrance for local non-profits. All proceeds from alcohol and merchandise sales go directly to the artists.


This is Savannah's FIRST not for profit all local music and art festival. 

An exclusive beer, called the UnderGolden Ale will be on tap, brewed by PhD Chemist Eric Sorensen of Dead Eric Brewing Co

The UnderGo Festival is a celebration of local artists and their contributions to the greater Savannah community to the symbolize this union, a grand piano will be on display in the lot that is open to the community's artistic touch. Paint will be provided and festival attendees are encouraged to take part in this unique local art and music celebration. 

See you at the UnderGo.