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Dr. Timothy Minton of Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery and Minton MD Hair Restoration Center are the premiere destinations for facial aesthetics. The face is the forefront of an individual's style, so why not trust it with the expert?
Timothy Minton

( L – R) Rob Horton, Stylist, Hair Restoration Patient, Dr. Timothy Minton, Physician, Mark Tate, Lawyer, Hair Restoration Patient. / Photo: BLAKE CROSBY. 


Dr. Timothy Minton and his team at Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery always strive for the most natural aesthetic that achieves the best results for their patients. They’ve been able to capitalize on the fact that they are the most trained in the head and neck region in the Greater Savannah area. Dr. Minton is the region’s only fellowship-trained, double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. His team includes Nurse Practitioners Angela Merritt, Brianna Sapp, and Lauren Koncul as well as Nurse Injector Dacy Weiss and Kimberly Richardson, licensed esthetician and certified assistant laser practitioner, all who bring a reserve of expertise to the practice. Their extensive training combined with commitment to honest and comprehensive consulting is what sets the practice apart. “At Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery, not only do we have a passion for our craft, we have a passion to truly connect with our patients and provide them with an individualized experience and results that are unparalleled,” says Dr. Minton. Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery and Minton MD Hair Restoration Center are motivated by the quality of results they can deliver. Dr. Minton emphasizes, “We won’t offer [a procedure] to you if it’s not going to give you the result you want.” The team takes a holistic approach through nonsurgical, surgical, and combination therapy procedures with a roadmap of individualized options for optimized results. All recommended treatment options are as minimally invasive as possible to achieve maximum results. Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery sees real patients achieve real results, illustrated through real before and after transformation photos that demonstrate honest, expert talent. After over six years in Savannah, the practice has produced the best results in a multitude of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures and continues to serve the community with the newest technology and skilled technique. 

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Before and After: Mark Tate, Hair Restoration Patient

Robs Before And After

Before and After: Rob Horton, Hair Restoration Patient |
Address: 5356 Reynolds St Ste 510, Savannah
Phone: 912.644.0744

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