Face of Restored Confidence / Dr. Timothy Minton

Meet Dr. Timothy Minton – Dr. Timothy Minton is the region’s only fellowship trained, double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. 

“Facial plastic surgeons spend their entire training and career focusing on the intricate region of the head and neck and the complex plastic surgery procedures involved in the area,” Minton stated. Because the plastic surgery and aesthetic fields have grown exponentially, specializing allows us to focus our skills and stay up to date with the latest treatment options.  

Trailblazing in practice, the office also trail blazes in technology. “We like new tools and technology. The latest trend is how to get results with minimal downtime or without surgery.”  Minton states. To meet that need they offer the full gamut of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation options such as injectables, laser and radiofrequency treatments and physician directed skin care.  One cutting edge office treatment called Facetite can provide skin tightening and fat destruction that rivals a facelift without surgery or incisions.  The hair restoration part of the practice is focused on achieving real results for men and women using the latest minimally invasive options such as PRP and Neograft non-incision hair transplantation.  Though nonsurgical treatments are certainly trending, they also offer traditional surgeries. “As a plastic surgery practice, we also offer more complex surgeries so patients can have access to all the options as not all may be ideal candidates for nonsurgical treatments.”  Minton said. 

“Our patients really appreciate having all the options and our honesty when presenting them on an individual level, ” Minton explained.  “In both the reconstructive or cosmetic treatments and surgery we provide, our team’s goal is to help our patients bring back confidence in a professional, yet calming and laid-back setting.” That laser focus makes for picture perfect results. 
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