Savannah Coffee Roasters: A Familiar Taste in a New Location

Savannah Coffee Roasters has expanded to a second location, and we couldn't be more excited!


Let’s describe a typical Monday morning.


Your alarm goes off and the chaos begins. There's the blaring sound of a battleship sinking, the blinding light of your mobile device, and your cat, Snowbell, meowing and aggressively ramming her head into your face to remind you that 7 hours is FAR too long for a cat to go unfed. If only you could have 5 more minutes of peace! And you can, but at a price you know you will indefinitely regret within the hour. And at this moment in time, present-self is more important than future-self. So, you opt for the more regrettable decision and mindlessly tap “Snooze”.


5 minutes go by…and you soon realize that 5 minutes in sleep-time turned out to be 15 minutes in real-life time. In a frenzy, you high-tail it out the door in your new dress pants, which are oddly similar to the ones you wore the day before. “Great."  At this point, the only thing that can salvage your sanity for the day is a warm cup of Joe. But Savannah’s most lovable coffee shop (Savannah Coffee Roasters) is all the way downtown…in the opposite direction! There is no time. So, you go to work, mosey on through the day, and inevitably repeat the same vicious cycle for the rest of your workweek.


That was BEFORE Savannah Coffee Roasters ventured to the Southside! You heard that right folks! The owners of the beloved business have established a second coffee hub, Savannah Coffee, off Mall Blvd.  From 8 to 5, you can now enjoy the best brew in town without sacrificing valuable sleep time, risking a parking ticket, or having a stern “If you’re late again…” chat with your boss. Items on the Savannah Coffee menu are freshly made each morning at the downtown location, providing customers on the Southside with the same authenticity and deliciousness of the mother shop!


(Pictured is Savannah Coffee's homemade pavlova.  This slice of heaven consist of meringue, whipped cream, a selection of berries, and powdered sugar. It's a must try, take our word for it.) 

So, keep pressing snooze you working citizens, and get your extra five minutes of well deserved sleep, because now you can still squeeze in a stop for your morning coffee fix.


Location: 714 Mall Blvd.

                  Savannah, Ga. 31406


For more information, visit Savannah Coffee.