Rolling Stone Chuck Leavell

What did an American Rolling Stone get when he fell in love? Family, land, music and Savannah! Keyboardist for the world’s greatest rock band, Chuck Leavell and his wife of 41 years, Rose Lane, recently rolled into Savannah and purchased a home. They consider it their urban tie to life off of their 2,700-acre Georgia plantation and the reeling road of rock. Rockstar pianist Leavell has enhanced the best rock acts, including Eric Clapton, George Harrison, The Allman Brothers and John Mayer. He’s also produced critically acclaimed solo albums and five albums with his legendary band, Sea Level. Rose Lane has been there every step of the way. Their marriage defies most of the standards of Stones’ marriages: Mick Jagger split from Bianca and Jerry Hall: Ronnie Wood split from Jo for a younger model; just Google Bill Wyman for his salacious marriage record. More than just another silly love song, the story of Chuck and Rose Lane presents a kaleidoscope of fused passions blending their loves of family, music, art and the environment. When they are not saving the planet and rocking out big stadiums, they like to hang out in Savannah. Chuck explained, “We have always loved Savannah. I used to play a club on River Street called The Night Flight. For us, we live in the country and want a ‘city getaway.’” You can see Chuck riding his bike all over downtown. Their daughter Ashley is getting married here in October. Says Leavell, “Bottom line: Savannah Rocks!”

Story by Paula Fogarty

Photographs courtesy of Chuck Leavell

Photography by Jabberpics