Raising Funds for our Returning Soldiers and their Families


Launching over St. Patty’s Day weekend on Sunday, March 20, a close friend of mine, Curtis Williams, and myself will begin our week-long journey down the Southeast coast to the Florida Keys on powered paragliders. Our goal is to raise $150,000 for Operation ReConnect, a 100% not-for-profit charity, run by combat vets, that provides vacations to our troops returning from long deployments with their families. We’re asking people to support our campaign, “Operation ReConnect: Freedom Flight” by donating here: paypal.me/OPRC

My window cleaning business, Soap on a Rope, is helping sponsor Freedom Flight because I want to show our appreciation for our soldiers by giving them fulfilling, nourishing transitions back into civilian life. My father is a Vietnam vet who risked his life for his country, but it tears my heart out to hear that he wasn’t received well when he came home- quite the opposite from the unified support we had during World War II. I need to give soldiers the respect and support they deserve by supporting Freedom Flight with my business, but also by personally dedicating a week of my time to power paraglide down the coast raising money and awareness for Operation ReConnect.