Put the ART in Your Next pARTy with Art Bash Studio

Looking for a unique and memorable experience for your next girls' night out? Look no further!

The weekend is near and all your girlfriends are expected to make an appearance in the beautiful Hostess City. While the bar scene is always a blast, making your weekly trek down Congress Street has gotten to be a bit, well…routine. So, one of the missus in your flock of besties suggests those 4 dreaded words that bring out the indecisiveness in the most strong-minded of people, “Let’s do something different!” And while your brain ventures to its usual auto pilot response, ‘like what?’, you’d rather make a productive decision than patronize your friend's good intentions. So…what to do? What to do? How does this sound for an itinerary, “A sip, a stroke…another sip”?

The Art Bash Studio is the perfect place to start dabbling on your weekend canvas of memories. For just $35, you and your 9 gal pals can partake in a private 2-hour paint session ($45 for 3-hours), releasing your inner Picassos with every stroke. But don’t be fooled. This isn’t just any old art lesson. It’s a pARTy! Business owner, Connie and her art coaches will provide you and your crew with an evening of entertainment that doesn't involve backtracking to every bar downtown in search of Becky’s open tab and “lost” debit card.



Artistic skill equivalent to that of Vincent van Gogh’s is NOT​ a requirement. However, for those of you doubting your ability to put paint to canvas, the studio art coaches are there every step of the way to help you recreate your own version of the party’s featured painting. The only necessary ingredients for a magnificent masterpiece are paint, a paintbrush, a canvas, and YOU!

At no additional cost, the private party prices include: ice, cups, bottled water, popcorn, a variety of jammin’ tunes, and best of all, SANGRIA! Remember, the VIP to this event is you. If the provided party favors aren’t quite what you and your ladies are looking for, feel free to bring your own favorite snacks, soft drinks, playlist, or wine. Art Bash wants to make sure you have everything needed for a fun, memorable girls' night out and your own self-made souvenir to go along with it!  

If your girl gang consists of nine or less, be sure to contact Connie ahead of time.  She will find a way to fit you into one of her Open Public Parties! 

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