Power Play Off the Grid

We don’t naturally think of a historic city like Savannah as one with many alternative energy solutions. But it makes sense, as when it was built, there was no electricity or fossil fuels. For the first time in its history, Savannah’s historic district hosts a solar-powered business at the office building of Judge Realty on Abercorn and Jones streets. Owner Lori Judge has been striving to get off the grid and be fueled entirely by Mother Nature for seven years now. “My goal is to have no electric bill,” said Judge. Her company is now producing enough energy to run 100% on solar power. She is even able to power up her electric car through her solar panels and is living a fossil-fuel-free life.

Benefits of Solar Power

Not only is solar power clean energy, but it also makes economic sense. The state of Georgia offers 30 percent tax credits to businesses and residents when they to solar energy, and businesses can write off the expense on their tax returns. Julian Smith of SolarSmith Solar Power Integrators estimates that the return on investment can be as much as 3 to 1. “With solar on your roof you have a positive cash flow that is not there if you don’t. Every month you pay an electric bill is putting you deeper in the hole. Solar panels on your roof make energy, which is then made in to cash you don’t have to pay to the power company. With no money down financing your power bill goes away and you start paying yourself.” 

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