Pour Some Sugar on Your Beauty Regime!

Jessica Mock, owner of Southern Sugaring in Savannah, GA, is South's newest beauty expert with great tips and tricks for busy moms and working women.

In anticipation for the Grand Re-Opening of Southern Sugaring on October 13, owner Jessica Mock tells us why being a new mom and running a business have her feeling just as sweet as ever. 

South magazine met with Jessica just weeks after having her firstborn little girl, Jameson. I always find it refreshing to meet women who can juggle certain things that (to me) seem terrifying – being a mom, running a business, making it out of the house on a Saturday looking halfway put-together. It's women like Jessica who give us confused twentysomethings some hope in this world! 

Southern Sugarista, Jessica Mock, makes being a mom look easy. Follow us on Instagram at @SouthMagazine to see more behind the scenes. 

What is sugaring?

Sugaring is an ancient method hair removal, dating back to Cleopatra herself. The ingredients in the paste used are simple and safe: sugar, citric acid, and water. Besides suffering a possible sugar rush, you could literally eat this product without any negative side effects. The paste is also Certified Organic and recognized as Fair Trade. Jessica applies and removes the paste by hand, so not only is the process extremely cool, but it has been compared to getting a massage. It is the opposite of waxing in every way – no burns, no rawness, no ingrowns. 

Sugaring is the sweetest form of hair removal, perfect for Savannah and every Southern (or Northern or Western) belle. 

Jessica's Beauty Tip of the Week: Goodbye, Tanning Bed!

Jessica says, "At some point in the past decade, it finally hit home that preventing sun damage is so much easier than repairing it. This was a hard lesson for a small town girl living in a tanning bed world. That being said, finding a sunscreen that didn't make my sensitive skin break out or itch was next to impossible, but recently I discovered White Girl sunscreen. (Not just for white girls!) I'm not sure where this product has been hiding all my life, but since finding it, I've been able to commit to wearing sunscreen every day. It isn't greasy, it won't rub off a spray tan, it isn't toxic to humans or wildlife, and every bottle purchased helps save the manatees!"

White Girl Sunscreen, Southern Sugaring ($17.99)

Join us October 13 at 5:30 PM for Southern Sugaring's Grand-Reopening! South magazine is helping Jessica celebrate the opening of the new 2000 square foot salon overlooking Chippewa Square. Come party, sugar, shop, and help us raise money for breast cancer awareness!

3 East Perry Street, Savannah, GA 31401, southernsugaring.com