Pay Homage to Southern Mothers at Windows

Fried green tomatoes with warm goat cheese, red onion marmalade

In the last month, chefs of the premier restaurant at Hyatt Regency Savannah, Windows, have started a movement to reclaim the roots of regional food. Their culinary team made a conscious decision to spend their time and effort on recreating their family's teachings in the kitchen for folks to enjoy and to experience with families of their own. It’s a movement based on confidence and pride in over thirty years of cultural influences in the Windows kitchen.



During a month or so of experimental revamps, each cook and chef sat down to try other each other's recipes, inquiring what ingredients and cooking techniques they used and tweaking them to perfection. Seasoning is an art form passed down by oral tradition, especially here in the South. These impassioned chefs have made it their mission to incorporate these traditions and their individual origins, history with the dishes and, more importantly, their own variety to the table. "They're really putting themselves on the plate," says Sarah Menard, E-Commerce Marketing Manager at Hyatt Regency Savannah.

Black-eyed pea hummus with grilled vegetables, pita crisps and roasted garlic 

Because so much of the menu has been passed down by heritage and family roots, Mother's Day has traditionally been a special holiday at Windows – just the way Momma likes it. Their culinary team has outlined for you the perfect game plan to pull off an experience your mother will never forget. Chef Tournant James White says some of his favorite childhood memories were family meals and learning his grandmother's special recipes. He still uses those recipes to serve guests at Windows. Like many, he grew up with the tradition of treating his momma on Mother's Day, so he is excited to be able to treat so many mothers to amazing cuisine on their special day. With a special menu centered around the chefs' very own mothers' down-home cuisine, they offer fool-proof dishes that are sure to impress – and that's not even counting the view.

Southern fried chicken sliders with warm buttermilk biscuits, fried chicken, Savannah Bee honey

Perhaps one of the most refreshing aspects of this menu is the diversity of true Southern cuisine. For outsiders, they're expanding the view (pun intended) that all the South has to offer is buttered bacon drippings and greasy fried chicken. The menu offers fresh locally-sourced ingredients that reclaim what true Southern food really is. 

Creme Brulee with butter roasted pear compote, candied rosemary

Trust us, even if mama doesn’t spend much time in the kitchen, these tried and true favorites are sure to be appreciated.


If you want to surprise your mama with a brief departure from her everyday routine, Windows restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Savannah offers an unforgettable experience overlooking the Savannah River. But even if you aren't a fan of forced occasions or won't get to see your mom on May 8 this year, there’s no better time than now to go and try Windows restaurant for yourself. Enjoying a "home cooked meal" overlooking the Savannah River is one of our city's simplest, yet memorable pleasures.

Tomato and cuke pickled cucumbers, onions, sweet peppers, heirloom tomato

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