Patients Go Bananas For Whelan Chiropractic

Dr. Whelan loves sports, but more than that, he loves treating everything from sports injuries to everyday pain

Historic Grayson Stadium seats 4,000 raving fans. In his 23 years providing quality chiropractic care in Savannah, Dr. Chris Whelan has treated enough patients to fill the stadium four times over. Each of those patients gets a one-on-one, customized experience to treat a huge range of issues from migraine headaches to degenerative discs to everyday back and neck pain.

From his office in downtown Savannah, Dr. Whelan has treated everyone from visitors to our fair city to professional athletes to celebrities to everyday folks. Having treated close to 18,000 people, he’s seen it all and then some, but each patient is more than just a face in the crowd. He prides himself on individualized care and treating every person who walks through his doors the same way he would treat the Bananas bench or a world-famous star. “Everyone is a celebrity in our office,” he says. “When you treat people that way, you never strike out.” 


Tips to Prevent Back Pain

Maintain a healthy diet and weight
Remain active — under the supervision of your chiropractor
Avoid prolonged inactivity or bed rest
Wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes
Sleep on a mattress of medium firmness
Maintain proper posture


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