Over 200 Reasons Why This Graduation Just Might Be the Most Unique Yet.


With a little creativity and a lot of hard work, headmaster of Savannah Arts Academy pulled off one of the most unique graduation ceremonies ever by visiting the homes of over 200 graduates. 

Savannah Arts Academy Principal, Gifford Lockley took on the task of visiting 218 graduates to personally present them with their graduate certificates this past weekend. The motorcade was the brainchild of two of the senior's parents, wanting to make sure their seniors weren’t missing out on one of the most memorable moments of their lives. 

On Saturday, South magazine was honored to attend one of the tassel turning ceremonies for graduate Jackson Whalen, with his dad David Gray and Dan Whalen. The motorcade headed out for a second round on Sunday for the remainder of the graduates, traveling first class courtesy of Vaden Cadillac

Congratulations to the 2020 Savannah Arts Academy graduates! 

Graduates Jackson Whalen, DeVon Moore and Grayson VonBruening help assist in the filming of their classmates' graduation ceremonies

d. paul graham

Graduating seniors are all smiles as they celebrate each other's graduation ceremonies

courtesy of savannah arts academy 

courtsey of savannah arts academy 

Savannah Arts Academy teacher Jeff Fortson, Principal Gif Lockley and SAA teacher Dane William assist with the graduation ceremonies

d. paul graham

Familes filled their yards with decorations honoring their graduating seniors

d. paul graham

Senior Jackson Whalen walks during his graduation ceremony.

d. paul graham

Principal Gif Lockley rolls out the red carpet and poses with graduating senior Jackson Whalen and his dad David Gray and Dan Whalen

D. Paul Graham