Outdoors Social

There’s only one way start autumn in the South—and that’s to go dove hunting. In the August/September of South, Marty Fischer writes about this rite of Fall. And it’s not just about the hunting. We call this type of tradition an outdoor social: it's about friends, family and being in the outdoors. Right around Labor Day is the perfect time to get a group of people together to go dove hunting. 38 states have a hunting season for mourning doves, which of course includes all of the Southern states. So, if you live in the South, there’s no excuse not to give this form of hunting a try. It’s easy to get involved in dove hunting, too.

To give it a try you can:

• Check classified ads in newspapers or ask local gun clubs or shops to lean about upcoming shoots.

• Practice at a local trap, skeet or sporting clay range.

• Visit Hanging Rocks Plantation or RoseAllen Plantation.

Here in Savannah, Fort Stewart is a great place to check out for hunting opportunities. They offer scheduled dove hunts during the season. Don’t miss out on this Southern tradition this fall. Enjoy great company and maybe, if you’re a good shot, get lucky enough to have fried dove breasts and grits for dinner after a long day of hunting!