Original Skins Wins at the Savannah Tattoo Festival

Bill Cassat wins two awards for creating a hyper realistic 3D tattoo for the Savannah Tattoo Festival.

Everything is better in 3D, but this art doesn't require special glasses.


The Legacy Begins

Original Skin Tattoos & Piercings, one of the newest tattoo shops in Savannah, opened on August of 2014 at The Savannah Mall and has been creating amazing tattoos ever since. Chap Chaplin, the owner of Original Skins, wanted to showcase his artist's talent so he made the choice to set up shop at the Savannah mall. Since malls are mainstream shopping areas and tattoo shops usually don't get much business during the winter, it was a perfect fit. These tattoo artists have completed tons of tattoos emphasizing on 3D realism, portraits, cover ups, body piercing and custom work. 


The Winning Tattoo 

For three days in April, the Savannah Tattoo Festival reigned over the local tattoo community. Featuring over 200 tattoo artists and vendors, the festival was held at the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center. Events ranging from Best Booth to Tattoo contests created great opportunities for gaining new clients and networking.

At the festival, resident artist Bill Cassat who works for Original Skins won two awards for his strikingly realistic and vivid tattoo. He used his creativity, skills and endurance to complete the whole tattoo for his client that day.


Tattoo Overview:

  • A full color 3D depiction of a woman's head and face with a bearskin headdress.
  • Created by artist Bill Cassat.
  • Took 8 hours to complete on-site.
  • Won 2 awards: "Best Tattoo of the Day and "Best in Show."


For more information on Bill's work visit Original Skin Tattoos & Piercings' Facebook page. To get your own incredible ink at Original Skin visit their Savannah Mall location or call (912) 659-5675.