Okefenokee Swamp Challenge

Have you ever wanted to visit the home of an alligator? Experience the thrill of watching them hunt down prey, or even mingle with the snakes that share their murky waters. Alligators have awakened from their winter brumation and love to spend sunny days soaking up the rays, giving you a chance to see them in action.

 If the outdoors call your name, come experience the Okefenokee Swamp like never before by taking a guided tour through the swampy waters by canoe, kayak, or riverboat. The serenity of Southern exposure is perfect for clearing the mind from daily duties. Make sure you pick up our Travel & Adventure Issue for more adventures you must add to your bucket list, and stay tuned for more Adventure Blog posts.


Information is available at okefenokeeadventures.com or by calling (912) 496-7156

Hours of Operation:

-Open:  ½-hour before sunrise every day

-Close:   7:30pm – March 1 through October 31

-Close:   5:30pm – November 1 through end of February

-Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day