O'Brien Law Firm

Cop-turned-attorney Dennis O’Brien builds brilliant criminal defense cases, no matter what the charge.

Burglary, domestic violence, drug and sex offenses- Dennis O'Brien has made a name for himself taking on these kinds of tough cases. And why wouldn’t he? O’Brien has been a police officer and has served in the military. “I focus on the best possible outcome for each client and serve each with respect,” says O’Brien. If you find yourself in a tough spot, uncertain of your rights, attorney Dennis O’Brien may be your best defense.

O’Brien has seen a lot since his days growing up in Dublin, Georgia. He graduated from the University of Georgia then served active duty as a Georgia National Guard member during Operation Desert Storm. He went on to be an officer with the Memphis Police Department.

10 years later, Dennis O’Brien attended Gonzaga Law School in Washington State, finally making his way back to Georgia with his family to begin a new chapter as a defense lawyer in Savannah. All of these experiences inform Dennis O’Brien’s perspective as an attorney, giving him unique insight into each defense case he prepares.

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