Oatland Island Wildlife Center offers a unique experience by bringing people closer to nature

Open 362 days of the year, the Oatland Island Wildlife Center brings nature up close and personal to the Savannah area — helping people build stronger connections with the natural world.

The center is an “environmental education” center that offers a closer look at native wildlife and indiginous plants. Their dedicated staff provides insight into the conservation of local species and proper care of wildlife. The center offers many different programs, especially those that are aimed to educate children on nature and the importance of preserving natural wildlife. 
One of the attractions Oatland Island offers is “Wolf Wilderness,” a natural Gray Wolf habitat including other animals like the Mediterranean gecko and Southern Flying Squirrel. They also have “Predators of Georgia,” which includes big cats that can be found roaming the Georgia wilderness. “Birds of Prey” hosts a myriad of birds from the state and the “Georgia Barn Yard” allows visitors to experience “farm life” minutes from downtown Savannah, with classic farm species and natives to the area, like the Ossabaw hogs. 
Along with nature trails and wildlife habitats, Oatland Island also offers special events like annual sheep shearing as well as a Halloween Hike and a Fairy and Gnome Festival geared to children, who can enjoy fun and playful activities among the wildlife that makes Georgia unique. One of the other popular activities the center provides are summer camps for kids for an in-depth exploration of the island and the many species that call it home. 
Oatland Island also offers plenty of volunteer opportunities for those who have a passion for nature or for those who would like to learn more about the indegenous species of Georgia. Whether you are looking for more knowledge or simply want to work on your greenthumb, Oatland Island has a place for you among the spanish moss and marshlands.
As of now, Oatland Island Wildlife Center is temporarily closed due to COVID-19, but they plan to reopen as soon as they believe they can provide a safe environment for nature lovers. Visit their website for the most updated information: oatlandisland.org


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