North vs. South: The Ultimate Foodie War

It’s always been a long-standing debate. Who serves it up better?

north verses south

What kind of sandwich, soups, even tea you prefer call all show your true allegiance. So who does it better, the north or the south? We might be a little biased, but we think it’s clear.

bagels verses biscuits

Bagels vs. Biscuits


Up north bagels are like a religion. They’re crispy on the outside, and perfectly soft on the inside. They really are heavenly. These people love bagels so much that they try to pass them off as a lunch food by putting salmon on top. This is called bagels and lox. Attempt if you dare.



There’s nothing better than a hot, steamy Southern biscuit right out of the oven. For some reason you can’t get one north of the Mason-Dixon line. Oh they’ll try to pass their baked dough off as a biscuit, but we can’t be fooled.


oatmeal verses grits

Oatmeal vs. Grits


To complete with our breakfast staple, northerners prefer oatmeal. It’s arguably a healthier option, but no one said it tastes better.



Most people up North have no clue what grits are. And you know what? If you don’t know you can’t handle them.


subs verses po boys

Subs vs. Po’ Boys

Sub Sandwiches

Northerners are pretty serious about their deli meats. Up there they scoff at a simple Subway sandwich. Down here, a sandwich is a sandwich, unless of course it’s a Po’ Boy.


Po’ Boys

There’s no better sandwich experience than a messy, greasy Po’ Boy. Topped with fried seafood and dressed with romaine lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayo, a Po’ Boy is the sandwich favorite of Southerners.


clam chowder verses she crab soup

Clam Chowder vs. She Crab Soup

Clam Chowder

This clam-based soup is mighty delicious and can be found in high and low end restaurants throughout New England. It has many variations ranging from Manhattan Clam Chowder, which uses ripe tomatoes, Rhode Island Clam Chowder, which is also called “South County Style,” and traditional New England Clam Chowder, which started it all.


She Crab Soup

Originating in Charleston in the early 1900s, She Crab Soup was the answer to New England’s popular clam concoction. It’s made using both the crab meet and the roe (eggs), which is how it got the name “She Crab.”


pumpkin pie verses sweet potato pie

Pumpkin Pie vs. Sweet Potato Pie

Pumpkin Pie

Now that fall is finally here, pumpkins are everywhere. Because they are so prevalent it’s hard to know who lays claim to pumpkin pie. If you ask a northerner what dessert is always present at Thanksgiving dinner, they’ll say pumpkin pie without hesitation.


Sweet Potato Pie

Pumpkins may be the new trend, but we Southerners no it will never, and I repeat, NEVER beat a good old sweet potato pie. You can keep your pumpkin spice everything, we like our sweet potato pie just fine.


stuffing verses dressing

Stuffing vs. Dressing


Speaking of Thanksgiving, you can always tell where a person is from when they talk about their favorite bread-based turkey side. In the north, they’re all about stuffing, which is made with bread bits and baked inside the turkey.



In the South, we call it dressing, and if anyone tries to tell you it’s the same thing, just stop talking to them immediately. You don’t want that kind of stupidity in your life. Dressing is actually made with stale cornbread and baked separately from the bird, not inside it. See huge difference.


unsweet tea verses sweet tea

Unsweet Tea vs. Sweet Tea

Unsweet Tea

Is there even a point? Moving on.


Sweet Tea

Aahh. Sweet tea. The most refreshing drink in the world. Oh but if you happen to be outside of the Southern states, don’t bother ordering it. You can’t get it anywhere. And no, unsweet tea with Splenda is not the same thing.


Since we are called South magazine, we are partial to the options below the Mason-Dixon line, but good food is good food; no matter where it comes from.