New Year, New Smile

Embrace the "New year, new me" attitude and take that step toward getting your smile back. Check out this impressive transformation inspiration!

A consultation with Dr. Ryan Reeves of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry involves comprehensive analytics and cutting-edge diagnostic technology – not to mention, one of the most innovative minds in dentistry – to provide the most optimized treatment plan possible.

The motto of January is, “New year, new me.” It’s time to let those goals materialize, whether it’s a resolution, a milestone, an emotional, mental, or physical change.

Transformation posts (mainly weight loss before-and-afters) are flooding discover pages and Facebook ads. Social media and media in general is inundated with resolution talk. Through marketing tactics and product plugs, it can be hard to decipher what is real and what is fake. Algorithms are messing with malleable minds looking to make a meaningful or impactful change. Let us suggest that actual change doesn’t start by viewing an advertisement, but rather, real change starts with a smile.

We can’t get enough of the before and after photos of patients of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry. The results are usually dramatic and stunning—not to mention 100 percent real. The smiles are contagious, too. Here’s a patient who recently underwent a non-surgical facelift procedure with Dr. Ryan Reeves.



Beyond Exceptional Dentistry client Cheryl Webber gained a healthy, stable, pain-free smile through Dr. Ryan Reeves’ non surgical facelift makeover.

In the non-surgical facelift process, Dr. Reeves has pioneered a number of techniques to achieve the smile of your dreams. These techniques are designed to minimize surgical intervention, improve healing and increase patients’ overall confidence. By taking the extra steps to meticulously design care plans himself, Dr. Reeves proves why his work is the best option to achieve the patients’ desired results. He doesn’t just employ the latest practices, he actually adapts them to best fit his patients.

Creating these smiles is a complex blend of dental arts and sciences, using computerized bite analysis to perfect jaw problems and smile design techniques. Dr. Reeves explains, “I’ve found preventative dentistry as a niche within the industry. Facial appearance is hugely dictated by the teeth. The teeth support the whole lower third of the face. Tension in the face causes wrinkles. So, people get Botox or plastic surgery to tighten loose skin. We release that tension by finding the proper joint and muscle position, and the result of that is a much younger appearance. If we start early, we can prevent that aging process from happening.”

When seeking a solution to the effects of aging on the face, one’s first thought usually jumps to plastic surgery. However, considering a dental solution could lead to more impactful, lasting results.  Dr. Reeve’s philosophy regarding facial aging is fairly holistic. He adds, “If treatments need to be done to correct functional problems and the byproduct is a younger looking face, it’s a win-win.”

Check out more before smile transformations here or visit Beyond Exceptional Dentistry’s website for more information!

Aug Sep 2019 IssueDr. Reeves was featured on South magazine’s Style Issue Aug-Sep 2019. For more information on him and Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, visit 

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