Serious Smile Transformation

Dr. Ryan Reeves of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry gives a patient the ultimate gift: he restores his smile! Check out this incredible transformation!

A consultation with Dr. Ryan Reeves of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry involves comprehensive analytics and cutting-edge diagnostic technology – not to mention, one of the most innovative minds in dentistry – to provide the most optimized treatment plan possible.

We give gifts to make loved ones smile. But what if we could give the gift of a smile itself? Teeth can be a source of insecurity or discomfort to many of us, which is why it is important to seek the best care through a trusted, accomplished physician. 

Dr. Ryan Reeves of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry has made a career of gifting smiles to his patients. As one of South magazine’s Greatest Dentists 2020/21, he’s been endorsed by his peers as the top professional in his field and is a world-renowned dentist, having completed his Occlusion Connections Post Graduate Masterclass Curriculum in August 2020—only 80 dentists worldwide have that distinction! However, the most important part of what Dr. Reeves does is make his patients feel at home and feel heard. This starts with Beyond Exceptional Dentistry’s famed first-time visit, which is designed to comprehensively address patients’ concerns with optimized care plans. “Our first visit is truly life-changing in and of itself. It’s so important for a practice to give people the education and the time… to trust and have a relationship within a dental office,” said Reeves. “We welcome anyone to come and learn about how dental health is so connected to looking and living your best life.” Next, Dr. Reeves’s job description as an “inventor” comes into play.

In the smile rejuvenation process, Dr. Reeves has pioneered a number of techniques to achieve the smile of your dreams. These techniques are designed to minimize surgical intervention, improve healing and increase patients’ overall confidence. By taking the extra steps to meticulously design care plans himself, Dr. Reeves proves why his work is the best option to achieve the patients’ desired results. He doesn’t just employ the latest practices, he actually adapts them to best fit his patients. This unmatched care is why a Dr. Reeves smile makes an unforgettable gift.


Before X treatment


After Smile Rejuventation by Dr. Ryan Reeves

Creating these smiles is a complex blend of dental arts and sciences: Computerized bite analysis to perfect jaw problems, stem cell techniques, nonsurgical facelift techniques, smile design techniques, laser hygiene techniques, ozone therapy and many more.

“It doesn’t just change smiles, facial structure or relieve pain,” said Dr. Ryan Reeves, DDS. “It truly changes the lives of those that come see us and their families! It’s so rewarding to watch and be a part of life transformations.”

Now that you know what to expect, it’s time you pull the trigger on a new lease on life and invest in the smile you’ve always wanted. With comprehensive first-time consultations and an office that honestly feels like a second home to many patients, there’s no better place than Beyond Exceptional Dentistry. With extra down time around the holidays, there’s no better time to treat yourself (or a loved one) to a refreshed smile.

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