Never Fear, the S Bank is Here!

S Bank Will Not Rest Until They Make Your Financial Dreams Come True

The Ambitious S Bank

S Bank began more than 70 years ago with the belief that ambition never sleeps. Ambition strives to move forward, to get ahead and to help their clients meet all of their financial goals and accomplish their dreams. While serving small business clients and individuals at their four locations in the Lowcountry they still continue to help fulfill all of their customers dreams. 

What's in a Name?

When new clients hear the name S Bank their first question is always, "What does the "S" stand for?" The "S" doesn't stand for one particular word, but instead stands for many words and the meaning can differ between clients. For some it may mean, "Service," while for others it can mean, "Small Business." Although, at the end of the day everyone can agree that the "S" in S Bank could mean "Super," because they go above and beyond to help their clients and community.


You can count on S Bank to be:

– Committed to community banking

– Reliable and local

– Devoted to their community

– Dedicated to helping their clients meet and exceed their financial goals


What Does the Future Hold?

Since knowledge of S Bank is spread by word of mouth, news gets around quickly, especially in the South. S Bank works together with clients to create and launch ideas creating rapid growth for their bank. With the help of their clients they plan to open a new branch in the near future.


For more information, check out our coverage of S Bank in South magazine's June/July issue on the Finest Financial Professionals.

To contact S Bank directly, check out their website or call their office at (912) 236-2800.