Mouth of the South: Steve Green

Frequently asked why he uses quotes so often, Savannah leader Steve Green, a perpetual quotation collector, jokingly explains that he rarely has an original thought and therefore must rely on other, wiser people’s ideas. But, he says there’s still an art to it, maintaining that the key is how you use it. He says most crucial of all to any good quote is the context in which it is used. These are words of wisdom according to Steve Green… 

1. On companionship: “Never date someone who has more problems than you.” —My father, Jake Green

2. On judging a person’s character: “If you are having dinner with someone, and they are nice to you but rude to the waiter, he is probably not a nice person.” —My parents, Judy & Jake Green

3. On Self-Respect: “No one can make you feel inferior without your own consent.” —Eleanor Roosevelt

4. On success: “Failing to prepare is like preparing to fail.” —Coach John Wooten

5. On the measure of a man: “Seek to be a man of value, not success.” —Albert Einstein

6. On differences of opinion: “It’s a thin piece of ham that don’t have two sides.” —Old country saying

7. On who may be listening to you: “Never underestimate your circle of influence.” —Barbara Lynn Howell

8. On self worth & ego: “Take what you do seriously. Try not to take yourself too seriously.” —My parents

9. On being Heard: “If you want someone to listen to what you say, whisper in their ear; do not shout it at them.” —My parents

10. On taking on a Difficult Job: "The juice is worth the squeeze.” —Mayor Kasim Reed Photo by Andy Silvers